2014 Show Schedule
Kennel Club of Palm Springs
Empire Equestrian Park and Polo, Indio, CA
1/04/2013 Mr. Kenneth Buxton
RWB with Icon Nahuki
1/5/2013 Mr. Anthony Kelly

Ventura Winterfest
​1/16/14 Mr. Ricardo G Forastieri-Gonzalez Karosel Candyland was WB/BOS shown by Robin McTaggart and Karosel Dice Dice Baby was RWB
1/17/14 Miss Joan E. Luna Karosel Candyland was WB/BOS
1/18/14 not showing Robert Caswell
1/19/14 Mrs. Joyce Van Kirk Karosel Kon Man was WD

Thu A.M. 01/30/2014 Ms. Phyllis A. Autrey Icon Nahoki was WB 
Thu P.M. 01/30/2014 Peggie Haderli GCH Icon Roll The Dice was BOB and Ch Icon Shooting  Star was BOS
​Fri 01/31/2014 Mrs. Honey Anne Glendinning Karosel Candyland was WB/BOB/Grp 3 shown by Robin McTaggart
Sat 02/01/2014 Mrs. Janice M. Leonard Icon Nahoki was WB/BW to finish 
Sun 02/02/2014 Mr. Merle Taylor Icon Shooting Star was BOB
 Mon 02/03/2014 Not Showing
Mid AZ Sheltie Specialty
Sahuaro State Kennel Club
Santiago Specialty
02/08/2014 Ms. Sharlene Rubenstein
02/09/2014 Ms. Beverly Llewellyn judge change Bonnie Smith Karosel Kon Man was WD/BW 
Nor Cal Specialty
All Breeds
Sat 2/16/2014 Robert A Piccirillo  Karosel Dice Dice Baby was WB for a major
Sun 2/17/2014 Dorothy Christianson Karosel Candy land was WB/BW 
Mon 2/18/2014 Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine
Scottsdale shows
Friday 2/28/14 Robert Hawkins Icon On A Roll was RWB and Ch Karosel That's How I Roll was BOS

Sat 3/01/14 Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark Roseglen Bombardier was WD/BW for a major and finished  shown by Jennifer McFarlin. .Karosel Candyland was Wb for her finishing major shown by RObin McTaggart and  Ch Kartosel That's How I Roll was Select dog

Sun 3/02/14 Joyce Vanek Ch Karosel That's How I Roll was BOB and pulled in the group
Southern California Specalty
3/22/14 Alana Gomez Ch. Karosel That's How I Roll was BISS 
3/23/14 Thomas Gomez BISS Ch. Karosel Just Push Play was BISS shown by Tamara Dance BISS Ch Karosel That's How I Roll was Select and Karosel Dice Dice Baby was WB.  Sea Haven Karosel Pleez Don't Squeeze was Best In Sweeps under judge Nancy Craig