Robin J. McTaggart  and Jennifer L. McFarlin
Michael and Robin McTaggart
Karosel Shelties consists of Robin McTaggart, Jennifer McFarlin, and Jade Molina.

We are a family saturated in animals and always have been.  My earliest memories include having a  racoon and a skunk as pets!!  Mom has always loved animals and has passed that on to her kids.

Mom, having grown up with horses and competing in many different venues with them, has an amazing eye for movement and structure. My sister and I were taught by Mom to care for and compete with our horses and we learned valuable lessons along the way, not to mention the fun we had!!!  

Amidst the horses, we had dogs; Dobermans and Afghans. Mom competed in obedience and did well. I mostly remember how I loved our Dobergirls. I remember my little sister being a baby and rolling around with Doberman puppies and thinking "Boy, what would people say?" At that time Dobermans had a reputation for being so vicious. They were sweet though, and raised the way we raise our puppies today in the house as part of the family.  

In 1990, Mom went the way of the sheltie. Although we did have one years earlier, she had decided this was her breed. Mona Simmons of Simmore shelties sold her a puppy bitch who would end up being her foundation bitch. Mona mentored her and mom was soon doing very well breeding specialty winning dogs.  

Moms first priority is and has always been to breed sound, healthy dogs with good temperaments (this is very important to us). Mom has taught us to do all the required testing and to always be ethical. I am thankful for all the hard work she has done to breed these beautiful honest dogs. 
- Jennifer
Jenn and Frauline.
From left to right Robin, Jennifer, Baby Jade and Michael and we are with Jordan, Ch. Joe, Roxie, Ch. Sophie and Special Baby.
Kendall Brough with two of our Paris and Jett puppies.Kendall is practicing for a future in Jr. Handling!
Jade & Karosel Flower Child '06
Jade & Karosel "Lizzy" '98

Jenn, Kendall & Praline in March 4, 2007
Kendall & her puppy, Ballerina
Jade & CH. Maddox 2010
Jenn and Matt McFarlin
Jade & CH Secret Garden "Iris" '97
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The Boys
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