by Jennifer McFarlin
Handling fees

$50.00 for the 6 - 18 month classes

$65.00 for the Am-Bred, and Open classes

$75.00 for Specials (includes group)

Dogs staying with me:

Dogs staying with me are provided "room and board," conditioning and training for $7.00 per day. If you provide the dog's food, the fee will be $6.00 per day. 

A retainer will be required and a billing statement will be sent out at the end of every month.  Any balance owed is due upon receipt.  A $10.00 billing fee will be added to any unpaid balance for each billing cycle.

A fee of $0.55 per mile or gas cost plus lodging will be divided between all clients having their dog shown by me. 

For dogs given to me at the show:

Any dog given to me on the day of show must have been bathed.

The handling fee is due no later than when your dog is returned to you at the end of the show.

Additional fees:

If your dog is offspring of a Karosel dog, we can discuss special rates.

If you are shipping your dog to me, the airport pick up fee is $50.00 if using Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) via Alaska Airlines. 
If I am returning your dog to you, the airport return fee is $100.00. Unfortunately, local airports will not ship out dogs and I must drive to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) to return your dog.

If a dog is entered but is not shown, you will be charged for that class unless a prior agreement has been reached. 

Sweepstakes: no extra handling charge, however all sweepstakes winnings are kept by handler

National handling fees:  6-18 months futurity $75.00 / $75.00 for regular puppy class
                                    All other classes $100.00 per class

All clients must sign, date and either hand to me or send a copy of this contract before I receive your dog to stay or show with me.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations, wormings and on flea protection.  

All dogs must be in good health and any medical problems, you are aware of, must be disclosed to me.

Should an emergency arise, I maintain the right to have necessary veterinarian services performed on the dog. Every possible attempt will be made to contact the dog's owner before non-emergency medical treatment is preformed. The dog owner is responsible for all veterinary expenses accrued while the dog is in my care and custody. A valid credit card must be available by phone for emergency vet expenses.  

I reserve the right to decide whether your dog will be competitive in this area or not.  I prefer to see dogs in person but for out of state dogs I will need photos before I can commit.   

Important Information:

So there is good clear communication, I will list the order of priority concerning the dogs I handle.

I will always show client dogs personally in their regular class.  

The priority spot is reserved for the Am-bred thru open classes (not the puppy classes)

The first client (based on continuous seniority) I was hired by has priority. That is the dog I handle for the Winner's class. If that dog does not make it to Winner's, then the second client I was hired by is the dog I handle for Winner's and so on. 

When I  am required to hand off your dog for the Winner's class, I reserve the right to choose another competent handler to show your dog. 

If your dog has priority and is not shown for any reason during my line up of shows, the dog forfeits their priority. The next dog in line, will then take over the priority spot. Feel free to discuss this policy with me if you have any questions.  

Dog owner and I will evaluate and agree on what class each dog should be shown in. This is determined by maturity, gait, coat, temperament and class availability.

Please reserve your handling spot with me, a minimum of one week before the closing of entries.  If we have discussed possibly showing your dog, I will not hold a spot for you based solely on our discussions. A onetime signed contract and an entry confirmation with me listed as the handler will be treated as a commitment between both parties. 

Prospective clients can go to our 2013 show schedule to see my line up shows.

Contract effective date: ___________         Contract termination date: __________

Dog Name: ________________      Sex: _____       Date of Birth: _________   AKC #:______________

Dog Owner:

Dog Owner's address:

Dog Owner's Emergency Contact Telephone Number:

Please print, sign and date this form

      Signature of Dog Owner

This form must be given to me before your dog's first show or must accompany dogs being shipped.

The above contract acts as the agreed upon terms and conditions for both parties.