Show puppy training and socialization is offered for a fee of $10 per day.  A 30 day minimum is required. It includes twice a day feedings of  Pro Plan puppy food.  Any supplements need to be sent with the puppy.

This includes a minimum of one on one training for an hour each day. Each day will consist of one or more of the following.

*Handling class
*trips to park
*playing with kids
*crate training,
*leash training,
*table work,
*bait training
*trips to dog shows
*blow drying
*trimming of face, feet and topline if needed
*teeth brushing
*trips to home depot, pet smart
*playing with other appropriate dogs

I can make no garauntees as to the outcome of each dogs temperment. In my experience, these activities started at a young age, done correctly will produce fun and sound minded dogs.

I believe whole heartedly that some dogs are genetically inclined to be fearful.  These type of dogs can improve but it takes alot of time and hard work.  This fearfulness must be corrected at the earliest age possible.

Show puppies must come to me with their ears over in braces and I will keep them over while they are here.

For availability please email me at  jennjade@earthlink.net or call me at 805-550-1808

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