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Jade's Page
Myself and my first sheltie, Lizzy, in 1998.
My name is Jade Molina, I'm 20 years old and have been showing since I was 6. I am Jennifer's daughter, and Robin's grandaughter. I enjoy the dogs very much & have tried to be an asset to Karosel Shelties, as I have always enjoyed being the puppy socializer. I have been doing conformation since I was six, and juniors from ages twelve to seventeen. I love both for different reasons, but I find it more relaxing & less stressful to show in conformation. Conformation is all on the dog, but juniors is all on the handler. My conformation dog is Gemma, and she now has 11 points and one major. There's lots of information on here about my career; feel free to read about it.

Most Recent Updates: I am temporarily not showing, 
as I have relocated to Mississippi with my husband. 
Myself and Karosel Lizzy (7 yrs. old)
Myself and Solange CopaCabana (11 yrs. old)

Beginning my Conformation Career:
Having been born into shelties, naturally I wanted to show like my mother and nana did. Back then, it was all fun and games, but it was nice to win every once in a while. Unfortunately I didn't do a lot of winning, as I discovered back then that the dog show world can be a bit biased, as some judges may have looked past my dog and I because I was a child. I was always discouraged at that, but I did manage to put 2 points on my dog, Lizzy, and Salsa as pictured, which were some of the greatest memories I have of my childhood, mainly because I did it all by myself and beat the adults.
Myself and Ch.Karosel Seeking Fame
I decided to start competing in Jr. Showmanship after many years of competing against adults in the conformation ring. I was blessed and was off to a great start as I quickly won three novice intermediate classes in a row, and won a handful of Best Junior prizes as an Open Intermediate competitor. Seeker and I made the perfect team and had a blast together.
Winning my first Best Junior in Show at the Santa Ana Kennel Club Show.
Winning Best Jr at the Santa Maria Kennel Club
Myself at 12 yrs old
Beginning my Juniors Career:
Jade and Seeker in action!!!
We third place in the open intermediate class at the ASSA National 2007
Me and Dirty Snowball
Grooming Maddox at the Karosel Grooming Seminar in April 2010.
Myself and Lydia at Dixon, California winning Best Junior
ASSA National Show 2007
I am now actively showing Karosel Kissable, my girl Gemma, in conformation shows. I am not as actively competing in junior showmanship, as I am only entering here and there. I will also be judging my first Sheltie Specialty in February of 2012!!! Gotta study my Shetland Sheepdog Standard! Below are the beautiful dogs I show, so feel free to check out their pages, and also my old statistics and our show list. I enter about as many as my mother, Jennifer, so I am entered/ing most of the listed shows. I plan to show in Junior Showmanship at the ASSA National in March 2012, and in April 2012 I will no longer be a junior handler as I will age out.

My Dogs, Shows, Stats, and Win Photos
ASSA National 2011