Ch Karosel Sunset In The Money
Justin started out in the 6-9 class winning 1st place at our 2013 national under respected breeder Judy Decker. He was one of three pulled out for consideration in her final choice for best and runner up.  We were so proud. He then went on to finish at 13 months of age all from the puppy classes.  Thank you to Breeder judge Susan Ferroni Keleher for his BOB over specials.  Thank you Breeder judge Glenda Henson for a specialty major and to all the all breed judges who found him from the puppy classes.  We are very proud of Justin and look forward to his testing  being completed and then some special breedings.
Justin was bred by Jennifer McFarlin, Sharon Sampson and Robin McTaggart. He is owned by Kathleen Schmutz and Jennifer McFarlin